Welcome to MOJI Corp

Ladies and Gentlemen, we here at MOJI Corp. are pleased to announce our new innovative and inspired invention, the MOJIBOT MK 1 the latest in our long line of personal robotics products! The MOJIbot or Modular Omni-purpose Jword Interpersonal Robot is the best and greatest in personal robotic companions! The most exceptional feature of these new MOJIbots is their extensive customization and variable nature. Your MOJIbot is yours and yours alone and was fully built to your own personal specifications and needs, with options ranging from Housecare to Warfare, to Personal companions.... Whatever you need we can make a MOJIbot for you! You want a happy bot, a sad bot, a bot with a cool hat or maybe even a tail? Whatever you want we’ve got it! So swing on down to you nearest MOJI Depot and pick yourself up your own fully customized robot friend!


MOJIbots are 10,000 unique bots created to fit all of your needs! All MOJIbots were programmatically generated. A bot creating a bot, how funny is that?

MojiBots have a set minting cost at Ξ.02

MOJIbot #0-20 have been set aside for giveaways, promotions, and for those that have helped along the way!

You own all commercial rights to each MojiBot that you own. Ownership transfers upon selling to a new owner.

Owning a MojiBot gives you employee status here at MojiCorp. Members of MojiCorp will receive exclusive Discord channel access!

Keep an eye out for the 5 Head Bots! All with their own unique properties!

25 % : 2 ETH donation to WWF and Rec Foundation. MOJI Corp's goal is to protect wildlife, our planet, and to empower robotics students.

50 % : Mainframe connection successful... 1 ETH will be sent to a random MOJIbot owner.

75 % : Merchandise upload complete... shirts, bags, hoodies

100 % : Upload complete! MiniMOJI will be released and sent to all owners as a special thank you!

Moji Corp Team


Wilson, the art bot. This bot creates and designs all other bots at MOJI corp. Very peculiarily, unlike any other bot, WilsonBot spends its free time playing video games.


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Daxon, the HR bot, is responsible for all things operationally at Moji Corp. This bot handles all Moji Corp social media. DaxonBot spends his free time fishing with other bots.